Precision Metal Mesh Weavers

As a traditional family owned business, WMW has been manufacturing the finest woven stainless steel wire meshes since 5 decades. The company is part of the BVK group of companies involved in manufacturing of similar technical textiles for many specialized applications. We produce high quality woven metal fabrics for a variety of filtration solutions. Today, we serve a wide range of customer who have come to appreciate our hard work and consistency in quality management. Our products are widely used in industries like Fiber cement, Pulp & Paper, Leather, Bank notes & security paper, insulation board, edible oil and many others.


Stainless Steel Mesh

Known for precise filtration, it is widely used for solid liquid separation. SS has many grades and can cater to many variety of filtration needs. Also known for its corrosion reistance, it's a first choice for many applications.


Phosphor Bronze Mesh

Primarily used as watermarking meshes for dandy / security paper making, these meshes are stable yet soft, fit for embossing needs. It is also used in many other filtration applications.


Speciality Meshes

Meshes can be made with any weaveable material. These meshes are used for very special filtration applications where traditional meshes are not apt.

Stainless Steel Mesh SS Mesh Manufacturers

Our History

WMW has been manufacturing the finest woven stainless steel meshes since 5 decades.

Stainless Steel Mesh Wire Mesh


We manufacture high quality, precision fabrics for specific needs that consistently outperform others.

Stainless Steel Mesh Stainless Steel Mesh


With time, we strive to be most progressive and innovative company.

SS Mesh Manufacturers Stainless Steel Mesh

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that every business has a duty to give back to society.