At WMW, we strongly believe in team work and the culture is built on the basis of collaboration. As a tight knit team, each member is a master of their field and thus it works like a well-oiled machine. Providing our customers with value addition through our people coupled with latest products ensures that we continue to remain successful and the leader in paper machine clothing in the market. We are committed to an Environment of teamwork which fosters innovation, leadership and continuous improvement, thus creative a strong technological base. Come get in touch with us and use your resourceful ability to unearth exciting opportunities at WMW, so together we can grow.


Employee Training

Comprehensive knowhow and a willingness to take other people's problems seriously will at any rate be just as indispensable for success in future as cost or quality aspects. Personal enrichment through behavioral and on-the-job training is a continuous process at WMW. Voicing new ideas and listening to down the line people is a desired and encouraged virtue. Regular training for skill up gradation and process discipline is part of every employee's responsibility. Employee training, development and education, at regular intervals , has provided huge payoffs at WMW Metal Fabrics Ltd. resulting in increased productivity, wider knowledge base, and a better attitude for value contribution towards our customers.


Various internships are available with our company across varied functions at Jaipur. Where do I begin looking for Internships? Browse our job listing and apply through the website. Alternatively you may send an email to with for CV and chosen field of interest and the HR team will get in touch with you to find an ideal fitment. Every year we take 5 interns for 4 months each and they are involved in various cross functional teams on task/project basis assigned to them.


Please get in touch, email us your resume at