Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the main pillar of our business. Quality consistency is the basis of all our actions. It is only quality and our commitment to it that has helped us come leaps and bounds. Our esteemed customers continue to be associated with us because we have not only maintained, but continuously improved our quality.

We are certified by TUV Nord for ISO 9001 since 1994.
Currently we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
We adhere to ISO 9001 and weaving standards of ISO 9044 and ISO 4783/3.

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Our products are constantly controlled during the entire manufacturing process. Our rigid system of quality control ensures that every cloth adheres to our standards and is consistent to one other. In addition, all processes are constantly analyzed and improved. The quality of our products is measured and safeguarded in our own laboratories at every step of the way.

With 100% raw material inspection and back tracing possibility, we are transparent and comply with the most stringent checks within the industry. We have an environmental conscious company and have installed an environmental management system to minimize the effects of production on our environment and are in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certification.