Security Bank Note Paper

The very nature of security paper demands its raw materials to be of top notch quality. WMW has been the leading supplier of Bronze wire cloth used for manufacturing MICR paper, currency paper, bank note paper and other high value security paper products in the country. We have been manufacturing bronze mesh for more than 50 years now, back in 1963 was the 1st year we supplied our very first roll of cloth and we haven't looked back since. We can weave in various mesh counts with a wide variety of wire via combinations.

Products for the industry

The products used in this industry and made to measure and can be customized for the specific application.
Most common products are:

Security Bank Note Paper manufacturer

From Cotton to High-Security Paper


Form: The meshes are usually supplied in open ended roll form.

Material: CuSn 3 to CuSn 10

Used for: Making Mould Covers for Currency Note Security Marking and Embossing.

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