Speciality Industries

WMW is a major supplier to various other industries that require precision solid liquid separation. We would very closely with the industries to recommend solutions based on their manufacturing details and results. Some of our industries are, Edible oil filtration, Solvent Separation, Plastic extrusion, Leather, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Tray molding, Chemical and water filtration. These meshes can differ on the type and raw material used, we thus recommend that WMW's team understand the requirement deeply and then provide an optimum solution.

WMW also specializes in producing spin packs, ring discs and various other filtration screens for the plastic industry. Our screens have proven to be longer lasting, non-chocking and offer a better finish on the product. Many more meshes can be woven to specific customer needs, request you to please get in touch with us so we can help give you a solution.